Instagram Featured My Photo

I know what you’re thinking. Who cares if Instagram featured your photo? It’s a social media platform and it’s not a big deal…. BUT, to me it kinda was. With over 400 million users and approximately 206 million of those following Instagram, I was thrilled to see that my photo stood out. I’m not going to lie, nothing really changed except for the fact that I gained about 2,500 followers in less than 24 hours. Before Instagram featured me, I had a mere 2,000 followers that took about 2.5 years to gain. Either way, it was one of those small goals to make it on to Instagrams page. I was featured for my photo on #WHPoverunder. I figured I had a good shot considering I have an underwater dome and usually do some over/under water shots. I originally submitted about 4 photos and they chose the one that I thought had the least chance.  Although my photo was not the best quality and it was totally accidental, I was able to WOW whoever chose the photo, making me one of the 5 Weekend Hashtag Project winners. Still, an unforgettable, quick and sweet experience. See below the link to the page & Photo.


Instagram feature


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