2016 Highlights

2016 was an exceptional year filled with many opportunities. I learned a great load by working with people who allowed me to flourish and do what I love most. Manny (my boyfriend) and I had the chance to work with some amazing companies. Mid-year we had the pleasure to work with Discover Crystal River FL, formerly known as Visit Citrus. They’re a company based out of Citrus County in Northwest Florida whose mission is “to strengthen Citrus County’s tourism economy in order to retain and create jobs” and “to enhance the quality of life for all citizens by raising destination awareness”. We first connected through Instagram when they came across one of my photos from Dames Caves, a previous trip. They loved our work and invited us back for more content. Of course, we would say YES! We absolutely love Citrus County and were honored to be able to revisit this “Old Florida” gem. The best part was being able to write two articles, photos, and video footage for their new 2017 Visitors Guide and I am beyond excited to share it with you. The guide was released at the beginning of the month and we are patiently waiting to receive our hard copies along with the digital publication (stay tuned to see it for yourself). We also had the opportunity to work with two of our favorite Florida pages, Visit Florida and Sharealittlesunshine, where we held a weekend takeover for a special #FLminivacay at Hawks Cay Resort. This would be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other form of social media. To put it simply, the purpose was to show off our beautiful Florida and reveal how every weekend in Florida can be a vacation. A place where beaches and palm trees are plenty, hammocks and flip-flops are necessary, this was an effortless task. I enjoyed that we were able to share this experience with such a big audience, providing Instagram stories where viewers can follow along on the spot. Shortly after, I received an email from a wonderful lady who works for a German tv station, Deutsche Welle (DW). She had heard great things about Manny and I ( thank you Miles and Chris!) and wanted us to be a part of the show. The episode would be aired worldwide in English, Spanish, and German along with an online publication – tv travel magazine. The name of the tv show is “Check-In”, and they were coming to Florida; Miami, Orlando, and Crystal River. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and within that segment, there is a four-minute “meet a local” where the local shows off their city. Manny and I were the Miami locals. We would never turn down such an opportunity… so we went for it! I’m not too camera shy.. but when they ask you to repeat what you just said, I would draw blanks. I’m sure after 8 hours of shooting in 4 different locations, they will have enough footage to compile into four minutes. The episode will air January 21st so look out for a future post, I will be sure to add the link. The last key moment and highlight came when Instagram, themselves, featured one of my photos on their page. Check out my next post for details and to see the photo that was featured with a link. These 4 experiences are just a small bunch that have helped mold the start of what’s next. 2016 you were good to me, but I’m ready to create some more magic! Follow along daily at @magiccitymel on Instagram.


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