Safari Edventure – Homestead, Florida


I loved this place! I paid them a visit recently with a group of friends. We got there at about 3 – 3:30 as they were starting their last animal encounter. The staff was very nice! As soon as we arrived we were a little lost but the lovely lady at the entrance told us exactly what to do and what to expect. She quickly directed us to the seating area where the show began. We were able to interact with almost every animal that was brought around, and there were so many fun facts.

Once the animal encounter was over, the staff took us to meet the wolves (Arctic Wolf and Timber Wolf) and kangaroos. Carefully, we were able to take photos and interact with them. The animals are loving and playful. They have a small trail that wraps around the property where visitors can learn about the different animals that were rescued or re-homed. There are codes for all the animals so you will be able to acknowledge which ones were rescued, etc. The staff is also very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have.

We just so happened to go on a bonfire night. During fall they have specific days where they light a bonfire and you can roast marshmallows (these are provided for free) and hot dogs ($1). They place a jar out where you just drop $1 in and pick up your hot dog and a bun, put it on a stick (also provided) and use whatever condiments provided. You’re allowed to bring in a cooler with food and drinks if you prefer. We brought a blanket, some chairs, and some extra food to munch on throughout the afternoon. This is a great place for anyone and it is totally worth going to! They have a little trail where you can walk through with a whole bunch of trees casting a green ambiance. It’s very beautiful and quite the experience for just $12 an entry.  You can never get this experience elsewhere without paying an arm and a leg. Again, the staff is so great and attentive and will answer any questions you have about the animals. This is a non-profit organization so they do their best to take care and rescue the animals to the best of their ability.  Everyone working there is a volunteer. Stop by to carry some snakes, hug with the wolves, and feed the kangaroos, you will  not be disappointed.

Check out there website for more information:


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