Cafe Catula – Miami, Florida

IMG_20150425_150542This place definitely took me by surprise. Located on 57th avenue and Sunset, this is a local hidden gem. I never would have expected such a great place right in the middle of Sunset. Considering the quality of the food, the amazing customer service, the lovely wine, and accessible parking this restaurants deserves to be in Miami Beach, Coral Gables or Las Olas. Imagine this… fine art, food, and a piano bar with live music. What more could you ask for?

The restaurant is located on the corner of 87th and Sunset where there is a garage (you can choose to valet or self park). Either way, it’s easy and convenient. As you walk towards the entrance they have tiki torches lighting the way with seating outside where you can smoke your cigar as you drink a glass of wine. As you enter there’s some fine art sculptures and paintings. Very clean place and customer service is on point! They have live music with a pianist and guitarist so you can watch while you enjoy your dinner; and… it’s not too loud. Customers can enjoy some music as they chit chat over some great food. On to the food, it’s incredible. At first, I sat there looking at the menu thinking “what am I going to eat? I don’t even like seafood and everything else is pretty pricey”. Well, I finally decided to step out of the box. I had the Croquettas de Bacalao (codfish croquettes) OMG! they were so good and fresh you couldn’t taste the fishiness. It was served with a side of guava sauce to dip and some fresh lemon wedges. I don’t know who thought of this but if I ever see them I’m going to have to hug them so hard! I also tried the Tablas De Jamon y Queso which is Manchego cheese and rolled ham – obviously it was good great. For the most important dish, my entrée, I had the Mezzanine Di Granchio which is half-moon pasta filled with crab meat in a creamy lobster sauce. I know what you’re thinking…out of all the dishes to pick from, you chose a seafood option? Yes, and it was AMAZING – considering I don’t like seafood. It was very good and perfectly portioned. After all the food I ate I didn’t feel like it was too overwhelming. I felt just right.  My boyfriend had the breast of duck caramelized with black sugar in a balsamic honey sauce – I didn’t even have a chance to try it because he inhaled it within 2 minutes. A friend of mine had the filet mignon with stuffed cheese, she said it was very good as well. I believe we had the Chianti red wine if not it was some kind of Merlot, not too sweet and at the perfect temperature. The prices are a little on the higher side but keep in mind you don’t have to travel to miracle mile or the beach to have some amazing food. This is a great place for a date night or some family time. I will be going back for happy hour soon.


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