Gumbo Limbo – Boca Raton, Florida


I recently came across this little gem last weekend. This place is known as Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. It’s a marine and environmental complex in Boca Raton. They had a beautiful butterfly garden, and a path that leads to a tiki hut by the ocean.  A boardwalk trail leads to a viewing tower to distinguish the different species of trees. At the start of the trails and gardens they provide laminated brochures of trees and butterflies to identify them as you walk through the individual trails.  They have 4 huge tanks filled with eels, fish, sharks, turtles and a lot more sea life.

Oh… and they also rescue turtles! We were able to see a few that had tumors or were struck by propellers. The rescuers were able to talk about every single one of them in detail.  The staff was very informed and helpful.  You can tell they really cared for the turtles and were excited to someday release them back into the ocean.

This was a great place to visit! Gumbo Limbo website




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